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Robeks opens unit in yoga studio

Health-focused smoothie chain Robeks is stretching its reach into nontraditional locations with the opening of a franchised unit within One Love Yoga and Boutique in Kent, Ohio. The brand with about 110 smoothie stores in the United States will share the first floor with the studio’s boutique that sells eco-friendly clothing.
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Odd Jobs: Professional Dog-Poop Remover

Jacob D'Aniello, co-founder and chief executive officer of DoodyCalls, can imagine only one scenario in which his business could fail. "If one day, everybody in the world woke up and decided they loved picking up dog poop," he says grimly. "If it suddenly became everybody's favorite recreational
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This Business Grows Every Time That Fido Does His

OCEANSIDE, N.Y.-With licks and wags, two huskies, Rocky and Sophie, greet Ron Vecchio at the 10th stop on his Tuesday route. They know that in the four minutes it takes him to flick their backyard droppings into a debris pail, he'll toss them some dog biscuits.
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Robeks Smoothie Sees 2012 Same-Store Sales Growth - Restaurant News

Smoothie franchises shook off the effects of the recession in 2012, with same-store sales growing for several companies. But in a brand-by-brand battle for new customers, who gained the most ground? Possibly Robeks, a 113-store smoothie franchise based in Los Angeles that saw sales steadily rise throughout 2012, with same-store sales up 6 percent for the year and 10 percent for the quarter.

Dog Poop: American Pooches Dump 10 Million Tons Of Feces A Year (INFOGRAPHIC)

Most Earth Day celebrations focus on the dangers of man-made pollutants. The contributions of animals get pushed under the carpet. Hopefully, that carpet is metaphorical, because American canines pump out 10 million tons of dog poop each year -- enough to fill 3,800 trucks stretching from Seattle to Boston, according to information compiled by DoodyCalls, a company based in Charlottesville, Va., that specializes in picking up dog droppings.
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America's dogs poop 10 MILLION tons a year

Americas dogs poop approximately 10 million tons per year, according to... Man's best friend can be crappy for the environment. The 78 million dogs in America collectively produce 10 million tons of poop each year -- enough to fill a line of fully-loaded tractor trailers stretching from Seattle to Boston, according to DoodyCalls, a Virginia-based pet waste pick-up service that is using Sunday's Earth Day celebration to highlight the public health benefits of picking up after the country's pets.
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Scooping into action : Westlake Picayune

When Westbank residents Brenda and George Salemie had their daughter and got a Great Pyrenees puppy around the same time, they realized they had a problem. A very stinky problem that was making their backyard unusable.
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5 Reasons to Buy a Franchise in 2012 - TheStreet

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- Even with predictions the economy in 2012 is expected to be as fickle as 2011's, many companies are still setting their sights on growth, so why shouldn't you? One of the easiest and more predictable ways to do that is to look for those companies aiming to grow and buy a franchise.
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Austin couple brings DoodyCalls to Central Texas - Austin Business Journal

George Salemie gets a whiff of the 60,000 pounds of waste that Austin's dogs produce every day - and he smells opportunity. Salemie, who has a background in high-tech, and his wife Brenda, like everyone else, would have considered this an unappealing statistic until the couple became puppy owners - and new parents - in 2008.
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Going To Waste? Biotech Scholar Works As Pooper Scooper

When Allison Manderino graduated in 2008 with a degree in lab-based animal sciences and a specialization in biotechnology she was chock-full of hope. She had a college degree, in the sciences no less. She would be an in-demand property, riding through the recession on her stellar credentials.
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'Doody' duty? Be sure to thank the fair shovelers

Who has the worst job at the fair? I DO! you say, citing the finite capacity of the human stomach, and the arduous task of filling it with an entire Australian sliced potato, a lard slushie and 47 bacon-flecked tater tots. That doesn't count. You're a volunteer. Let's talk about actual professions.
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Franchise Chatter Exclusive: Q&A Interview With...

(Ambrosio's note: Betcha didn't know there's a huge market potential for pet waste removal (estimated at $2.8 billion a year) - I certainly didn't. When I first heard about DoodyCalls, I honestly wasn't sure if this was a serious business opportunity.
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